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Welcome to the College Evently website.

Some basic rules and regulations apply to every business, and customers are bound to follow those clauses. Similarly, there are terms of use for our website that every user is restricted to adopt. We strongly recommend you read these provisions carefully. If in case you disagree with any policy or do not want to pursue it, we advise you not to continue using our site.


1. Use of Website: We respect our country’s laws and judiciary system; we try our best to keep our company and its users safe from any criminal activities; customers are directed to use our website only for in lawful conditions, using our site for illegal and unlawful activities such as cyberbullying, hate speech, hacking, threatening, harassing, invading others privacy, infringing the right of other users intellectual property, etc should be prohibited. If any user violates these laws, College Evently immediately removes their access from the website.


2. Modification And Submission Of Information:

As we own this company, we have the right to change our website’s functions, information, services, and products. We can add or remove them, temporarily or permanently; we are not observant to inform in advance to any user or any other affiliate company about the modification in our terms and conditions.

To satisfy the customer, we need accuracy; we request the users to provide complete, current, accurate, and updated information. Patrons share ideas, comments, and graphics on our platform become our property. We can use all this data anytime for any business purpose. We are not restricted to pay or anything else for the usage of the information provided by the users.


3. Indemnification:

Users have to agree to indemnify if they prohibit any terms and conditions or the company suffers any financial loss because of customers; they have to compensate, they have to cover the cost of legal actions taken by any affiliated company because of their actions, reimbursement is still applied whether the customer ends the agreement with us. 


4. Sale of Products:

College Evently might provide you the advantage of buying products from the website or the other sites linked to us; those linked companies have their own rules and policies and operate according to their conditions. We are not responsible for their actions. We recommend you read their terms and conditions carefully to avoid any problems.


5. Links to Other Websites:

As our policy states, we provide hyperlinks to other companies on the website for business purposes and user convenience. When customers visit the links directed towards other institutions, note that our rules and regulations do not apply to them. These sites have their own conditions; we are not in any way affiliated with them and cannot assure their reliability. It’s your duty to read the terms in use, which could be different from ours.


6. Our Proprietary Rights:

All the proprietary rights reverse to us, which means that all intellectual property and assets such as text, images, sounds, and software of the website were copyrighted in 2010 by College Evently. Users can only view and download the content for their personal use. They cannot share, modify, or display our substance unless we grant them written permission. According to our terms and conditions, customers are not permitted to use our information for commercial use.


7. Domestic and Foreign Use/Export limitation:

Our company is located in the United States of America, and all the firm’s operation is handled from there; website visitors from different regions may or may not have access to our site. According to the United States Export Control law, certain technical content and software are restricted from sharing in specific regions. We follow the law prohibiting country’s users from using or downloading our content. Also, customers from different areas use the website according to their country’s rules and regulations to avoid any violation.


8. Cookies:

We use cookies to collect general information about your browsing history to provide better services; institutions affiliated with us also use this technology to display relevant advertisements to customers. If you are concerned about your privacy, you can turn off the cookies; usage of our website is still possible with limited features.


9. Jurisdiction And Application of Law:

This section clearly explains that if any legal dispute happens between a customer and a company, it will be solved under the court of the United States and the States of Arizona; the firm and client then have to follow the bench’s decision. For settlement, our priority is to solve it through a mediator, but if it doesn’t work, the location of the court should be in the mentioned region. 


10. Disclaimer of Warranty and Liability Limitations:

One of the most important clause of our company is that customers use our website at their own risk we never provide full surety that it will work without any errors, College Evently and its employes never commit that our affiliated companies will always provide accurate and reliable information, it is possible our working style and services cannot be suitable for everyone it may not get welled with certain customers, if other users and affiliated institute creates trouble for you, we are not in anyway responsible for that, your all financial decisions are up to you we are not providing any financial advice and also not accountable for your any financial loss, we never grantee error free information there can be possibility of errors, delay and mistake in the information although we try our best to keep the data updated but we can’t provide 100% surety, if any customer suffer from technical error such as loss of data, disturbance in electronic devices or confront of any virus company will not be answerable for it.


11. General Information Related to Terms and Conditions:

The following are the conditions applied to the company rules and regulations:

 Users only use our website; they are not in partnership or relationship with the company or its employees.



  • Provisions of the website are the complete agreement between you(users) and us(College Evently) that describes how you can use and avail of our services.
  • If any term has not been implemented by us yet, it doesn’t mean we have given up on it. We can apply it any time we want.
  • The user cannot transfer their official account to someone else. Until we granted the permission.
  • If we want to communicate with our users, we can Message or email them.
  • Any Aspect or Term that is not clearly explained in the policies entirely belongs to the company.
  • If any rule of the company is dismissed legally or by the court, it doesn’t mean other terms are not applicable; other conditions will be followed as mentioned in the policy.

In case of any Legal dispute between the user and the company, the messages and emails sent by us contain the same importance as the written document.


For the ease of users, we describe our rules in headings and sections. These headings did not hold any legal power.