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Top Paralegal Scholarships And Grants For Paralegal Degrees?
Lawyers and judges often stand in the limelight, but only a few of us are aware of the fact that there are paralegals and legal assistants at their backs who are the backbone of the judicial system. If you dream of becoming one of these, you must be aware of the expenses. But there are paralegal scholarships and grants that will make sure there are no hurdles between you and your dream of pursuing a paralegal degree and becoming a legal assistant.
Searching for educational aids for any academic program is daunting and may take you over an emotional toll. Especially when it comes to paralegal grants, the task and competition become a bit more difficult. There are applications to complete, requirements and criteria to fulfill, deadlines to meet, and writing proposals. No matter how hard the process is, in the end, when you are awarded your paralegal grant, it is all worth it. With a bit of hard work and research, you can surely find a merit award that will help you pursue your degree and achieve your goal.
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Without wasting any time, let’s find out who a paralegal is and what the top paralegal grants are that you can apply for.

Paralegals And Their Scholarships

Before you make up your mind about pursuing a career as a legal assistant, make yourself clear about who they are and what they do.
Legal professionals play a crucial role in law and judicial offices, where they help attorneys prepare for hearings, trials, and client meetings. They are also responsible for collecting, analyzing, and organizing the information. In short, the role wants you to dip your toes in all aspects of the judicial and legal industry. To deal with all these matters as a professional, education and training in legal matters and affairs are mandatory.
Another field that you can join with the same set of knowledge is criminal justice. The program offers you diversified roles in the judicial system. If you are thinking of pursuing this degree, you can read more on Criminal Justice Degree at College Evently.
There are a number of educational aids available to assist you in completing your education and pursuing your degree. Among them are the Pell Grants that you can get from the federal student aid website through Free Application For Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The applications are free and are funded by the United States Department Of Education. You can get your Pell Grant for completing your Criminal Justice Degree program, or you may use it as financial aid for paralegal certification.
Apart from these educational aids, there are merit awards available for financially compromised or academically competent students. There are different types of paralegal scholarships out there that are either provided by the institutions that are offering them or funded through different associations. Regardless of who is providing these, they truly help you in a great way by funding some or all of the costs associated with your degree program.

Top Paralegal Scholarships

There are a number of great opportunities out there if you take some time out to find them. You won’t get anything if you do not apply for it. Search for them and apply now so you can get most of the benefits from it. To eliminate your economic burden, we have sorted out some great options for you that will help with your educational aid.

Buckfire & Buckfire, P.C.

This is an annual award program that is held every year for legal assistants and is sponsored by Buckfire & Buckfire, P.C. The program offers a $1,000 stipend that can be used to bear educational expenses, including tuition fees and other supplies. To make yourself eligible, you need to fill out the application form, submit your school transcript, and submit your proposal that demonstrates your career and educational goals.

Camille S. Stell Scholarship

The program is sponsored by the Raleigh-Wake Paralegal Association and was established to recognize Ms. Stell’s devotion to case worker students and their profession. If you are a student studying in Wake County, North Carolina, you can get a stipend of $500 through this program by submitting answers to their simple questions.

Cornelia A. Bregman Memorial Scholarship For Women Returning To Education.

This program was established to support women 25 years or above so they can complete their education. The scheme is sponsored by The Great Capital Region Endowment Fund and provides a generous amount of $2,000 as a fund for technical, vocational, and academic degrees or certificates. If you are a woman seeking a Paralegal scholarship, you can secure it by submitting two reference letters and a detailed proposal.

Elizabeth Root Memorial Scholarship

The scheme is sponsored by The Orange County Paralegal Association (OCPA) and awards two $500 awards to students who have exceptional financial needs and can not complete their Criminal Justice Degree due to this. You can get this award by submitting your application and an essay on a designated topic.

Jamie Bowie Memorial Scholarship

This initiative was named after an Oklahoma Paralegal Association member’s daughter and can give you an opportunity to secure an award of $250 if you are enrolled in an American Bar Association (ABA) approved program. Your eligibility to get the stipend depends on your character, merit, need, and grades.

Janet Scott Scholarship

It is sponsored by The Richmond Paralegal Association (RPA). If you are a member of this association, you can get your funds for applying and taking the NALA CP Exam and NALA Advanced Certified Paralegal Exam.

Jean H. Proffitt and Susan Brewer, Esq.

It is sponsored by The Richmond Paralegal Association (RPA) and was established to help Richmond metro area students. The award you get can be used for textbooks and tuition fees. You can secure it by showing your dedication towards the career and displaying your merit record.

Larissa B. Jones Memorial Scholarship

This scheme is supported by The Tennessee Paralegal Association (TPA) and is named after one of the TPA members who lost his battle while fighting cancer in 1993. You are awarded $500, which can be used for school-related expenses, including tuition and books. The entry criteria include writing an essay on the specified topic and answering their questionnaire.

LEX Scholarship

It is a competition that is backed by The American Association for Paralegal Education (AAPE). You have a chance to secure $1,500 by securing first position in the competition. The amount can later be used to pursue legal studies.

Meredith R. Pollette, CLAS Scholarship

It is backed by The North Carolina Legal Association and is held annually from June through August. Two winners get an opportunity to receive their fees for the CLA/CP exam.

Best Legal Professional Degree Options

Now, when you have a transparent view of available options for your Paralegal Scholarships and Paralegal Grants, you must be searching for colleges and institutes that are offering these degree and certification programs. When looking for a college, make sure they are accredited so you have quality education and have opportunities to get your federal student aid.
Some of the best schools in the United States that offer on-campus and online courses include
  • William Woods University
  • University of Cincinnati
  • Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College
  • University of Providence
  • Texas A&M University-Commerce

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