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What Is The Deadline For FAFSA 2024 – 25?
Paying for a college education is becoming stressful for most families in the United States. To overcome this, the government has developed different financial aid programs. FAFSA 2024 is one of these programs, which is highly trusted for unlocking financial aid for education.
This year, the U.S. Department has worked with FSA partners to come up with many changes in FAFSA application for better experience and much higher Grants. Significant changes have come to the Free Application for Federal Student Aid this year in the U.S. The Department of Education, in an electronic announcement, has shared the changes made in the new form, which has made it easier for students to get financial aid for their college education.
The simplification process of FAFSA has revamped the form and application process. The new FAFSA aims to make education affordable and includes an Application for Federal Student Aid form, need analysis, and many policies and procedures for schools participating in federal student aid programs.
Every year, FAFSA opens for the students to fill out on October 1st. This year, the form for FAFSA 2024 will not open until December 2023. This is to streamline the process of the FAFSA simplification act that is bringing new changes with ease for students.
Read our College Evently article on FAFSA 2025, where we guide you on how to apply for it. Don’t wait; apply for your FAFSA application today.

FAFSA Simplification Act

The new FAFSA 2024-2025 form will significantly improve the process by streamlining and redesigning how students and their families will use the form. It also reflects updates to student aid calculation by extending the Pell Grants. This year, it’s allowing 1.5 million more students for the Pell Grant, making a total of 5.2 million Grants. This way, 610,000 more students from low-income backgrounds can get the Grants. Here are some of the significant changes in FAFSA.


Unlike previous years, where FAFSA was available to fill in October, this year, FAFSA 2024-2025 will be available by December 31st.

Replacing EFC With EFI

The first significant difference in FAFSA is a different methodology to determine the aid. The need analysis formula is now allowing a minimum student aid index SAI of -1500 by replacing it with the Expected Family Contribution EFC.

Changes In Terminologies

  • Contributor: anyone who is asked to provide information. This includes the student, the student's parent, the student's spouse, or step-parents)
  • Consent: if you have not filed a U.S. tax return, you must consent to the Federal Tax Information. SAI will not be calculated if a contributor fails to provide consent.
  • SAI: Student Aid Index has taken the place of Expected Family Contribution.
  • FTI: Federal tax information is to be directly transferred from the Internal Revenue Service IRS.

Number Of Questions

FAFSA 2025 has been really simplified. It has reduced the question from 108 to 46. If you use it on the web, you won’t be presented with all 46 questions. This format has simplified the application process and made it less daunting for the students.

Number Of Colleges

FAFSA 2025 allows you to enter 20 colleges of your choice. Previously, the form allowed you to enter ten colleges.


FAFSA2024-2025 will be expanded to include around 11 most commonly spoken languages throughout the state. So, every individual can apply for it without the barrier of understanding. Previously, FAFSA was available only in English and Spanish.

When Should I Submit The 2024-25 FAFSA?

As the FAFSA becomes available in December, the contributors can apply for this federal aid application as soon as possible. Since completing the FAFSA is free and easy, ensure you don’t miss the chance of getting your higher education grants. The FAFSA deadline for 2024-2035 is 30th June 2025.
Keep the deadlines in mind when applying for your student aid application.

College Deadline

Each college comes with its deadlines. Usually, these deadlines are earlier than the others you can apply for. You can find the deadline for your college by checking its official website.

State Deadline

The U.S. Department Of Education has mentioned a separate date as the state deadline, which can be checked on its official website. Some states offer earlier deadlines than others. Also, your state deadline may not align with your federal deadline.

Federal Deadline

Once the federal deadline is crossed, the FAFSA form becomes unavailable. It’s the last option for you to apply for continuing education grants.

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