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Now is the Perfect Time to go Back to School!

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Steps To Applying For School Grants
Every year, hundreds of students start their search by exploring for school grants to get through their college. These monetary aids provide much-needed financial assistance to each of these striving learners and help them complete their courses one way or another.
The process may sound hard, but in reality, it is not. Many students don’t know the steps involved or are not following them the way they should be. That is what confuses them, and they leave their golden opportunity of getting financial aid.
If you are looking for easy ways to secure these educational aids, find our easy steps in this guide and apply now for your Student Aid Application at College Evently.
Before we take you to the steps, let’s give you a clear vision of these educational aids and find out how they help students pursue their dream careers.

What Are School Grants?

These are the monetary aids most often offered by non-profit organizations, private entities, and public entities. The United States government is the largest public organization providing these educational grants by awarding billions of dollars to underprivileged students every year. These are offered to students with exceptional economic needs so they can complete their educational programs.
There is no fixed amount allocated for this financial aid; it can range anywhere from a few thousand dollars to financing the entire cost of a college degree.

Eligibility For A School Grant

Everyone can apply for federal student aid regardless of age, ethnicity, education, or economic background. Having said that, any individual seeking higher education but can not do so due to monetary constraints and hurdles can opt to get one.
There are certain requirements that ensure your eligibility. These include
  • Being an eligible us citizen or an eligible non-citizen
  • Being a regular and consistent student enrolled in an eligible program
  • Applying candidates to be 18 years or above
  • Having a valid SSN
  • To be able to show the budgetary need or academic record
  • Able to show overall satisfactory progress in academics

Types Of School Grants

Different financial assistance and preschool scholarships are available for the students to help them out in times of economic stress. Some of these include

Federal Pell Grant

It is available for undergraduates who can show their fiscal need and is the largest program that the United States Department of Education offers. It has been helping millions of students every year in completing their education. Check College Evently to read more on Pell Grants.

Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant

FSEOG is a campus-based aid program that can provide $100 to $4,000 yearly to the applying recipients. As it is campus-based, check out your college’s financial aid office to determine if they provide it. To Find Featured School list, check College Evently to save your time.


The Teacher Education Assistance For College And Higher Education program aims to provide $4,000 yearly to those with financial needs. To maintain it, the candidates have to sign an agreement through which they agree to provide their teaching service in a low-income school for a highly demanding field.

How To Apply For School Grants

As mentioned above, they are a valuable funding source for completing educational courses. Finding and applying for one might be overwhelming and time-consuming for many. There is a lot of confusion associated with the overall application process.
You can find and apply for one by filling out a FAFSA form. This is the first step to securing your Educational Aid. The form is released every year at the start of October and can be filled out by creating an FSA ID on the federal student aid website.
Fill out the form on a priority basis, and remember that some of this federal student aid is provided on a first-come-first-serve basis. Provide your up-to-date information so your aid can be calculated accurately.
Once the form is submitted, you will receive your SAR or award report, which determines the type of aid that you can qualify for.

Steps For Application

The FAFSA form is divided into four basic sections, and each of these sections serves different purposes.
  • This relatively easy part focuses on candidates' basic information, including name, address, SSN, and other similar information.
  • It deals with the questions that are related to the status of dependency. Since most candidates in their senior year of school are still dependent on their parents, this area is necessary.
  • You are required to mention your income status (in case you are independent) or your parent's income status (in case you are dependent). This crucial information is used by the US Education Department to determine your eligibility and calculate the amount.
  • You are required to disclose your income and tax information here. Once again, the information you provide will dictate the amount that you will receive.

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