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What Is The Tech Lead Award?
A leadership award is awarded to honor or celebrate the achievements of any field. When these achievements are from an innovative background, then the term tech lead award is used.

Innovative Leader Award: Defined

Every leader deserves appreciation and recognition. The Technology Leadership Award also called the Tech Lead Award, is made specifically to honor those who have made their contributions by making a positive impact on their company or institutions by improving the way they are using or employing technologies.
Their contributions not only benefited their institutions but also gave new directions to television, streaming, digital, and multichannel industries. If you are one of those, you should enter, as it gives you a chance to be recognized as a paramount provider of digital services in broadcasting networks.
The Innovative Leader Award shines a spotlight on the services and contributions of students and professionals from informational technology and honors them for connecting and strengthening the network.

Who Can Get This Award?

The Award welcomes everyone from the digital field, including personnel from
  • Movie or multichannel TV business
  • Television network, station, or group
  • Streaming services providers
  • SVOD providers
  • TV or movie content producers
  • Movie or multichannel TV business
  • Streaming services providers
You can enter free for multiple categories or products. The recipients are featured in magazines, and the awards are presented physically in a VIP ceremony that can be attended by invitation only. The candidates or recipients are selected by the B+C Editors based on their technological developments or innovations that lead the television, multichannel, and digital streaming industries.
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What Are Regional Leadership Summits

The Regional Leadership Summits are organized and held to bring together the innovative district leaders of the nation so that they can plan for the future of schools and institutes. The main aim is to look for district leaders who can reinvent the educational system by reimagining and launching new and out-of-the-box policies, practices, and forward-thinking programs that can have a positive impact and can also set an example for other districts to replicate.

How To Nominate Yourself

If you are enthusiastic about attending this summit or know someone capable of receiving the next Innovative Leader Award, get yourself registered by nominating yourself online. Those who are selected as finalists will receive an exclusive invitation to attend. The finalist receives
  • They can participate in all sessions, discussions, and award ceremony
  • Invitation to attend the summit being organized in their region
  • Recognition in the magazine and website of Tech & Learning
  • Free two-night stay in a hotel close to the summit venue
This was all for the finalist; if luckily you are selected as a winner, you will receive the following
  • An exclusive interview and featured profile on Tech & Learning website and magazine
  • Invitation to attend the summit being organized in their region
  • Award winner seal that you can add to all district websites
  • Worldwide recognition

Categories For Nomination

There are different categories in which you can nominate yourself and get your Tech Lead Award. You can nominate yourself in more than one category, too. These categories include
  • For setting the best example for Teacher & Student Wellbeing Programs
  • For setting an Example of Professional Development
  • Award for Innovative Chief Technology Office
  • For Overall Implementation of Technology
  • For providing examples of Equity & Access
  • Award for Innovative Curriculum Director
  • Award for Chief Academic Officer
  • Best Implementation of Data Privacy
  • Best Technology Director
  • Award for Innovative Curriculum Director
  • Best Technology Director

Celebrations For Winner And Finalist

The process does not end with an award. As a finalist, you are allowed to attend and network with the nation’s most innovative leaders.
It was the end of 2022 when a celebration for winners and finalists was held outside New York City at the Liberty Science Center. This event provides opportunities for collaboration to bring solutions to face the upcoming challenges. The event discusses taking risks and celebrating failure, as they are the building blocks for driving innovation.
Solutions were also discussed for the different challenges where the attendees sat in a group and provided their insights. These events and summits play an important role and have the following impact
  • Helps in professional development where attendees help others by sharing their stories of failure and success
  • Helps in changing the pedagogy by introducing new and latest approaches
  • Provide opportunities by offering an open learning space for all
  • Helps in the engagement of school communities

2024 Leadership Summit

It was February 23, 202,4, when the summit was held in Maryland, Delaware, and Virginia at the Maritime Conference Centre. The district administrators were invited to attend and join the event at no cost due to the reason of making and sharing networking and information accessible for all.
It covered interactive panel discussions and workshops for supporting school planning. It included some of the best administrators with a wealth of knowledge to deliver. A new kick-off event was also introduced, named the Innovative Lab, which was in partnership with Education Market Expert. Innovation lab allows learning new and emerging TechTech and helps in earning a scholarship worth $200.
Some of the qualified attendees of this summit include
  • Amy Jackson - EdTech Programs supervisor, Arlington Public Schools
  • Krystle Pearson - former Director of Technology, Brunswick County
  • Richard Culatta - Chief Executive Officer of ISTE/ASCD
  • Tarrin Morgan - Scholastic fellow of NASEF
  • Keith Krueger - CEO of CoSN
We are living in a world where technology plays a central role by embracing innovation and driving positive changes. Recognizing such individuals and acknowledging them and their services to the world makes them feel accomplished and improves their work for the betterment of society.

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